BOT social wars

almost everywhere I see cheat-cheat rare games on sale at very reasonable prices.
1 application cheat on sale for 160,000.00 IDR.
rather than buy expensive and later are not work anymore, you'd better download SOCIAL BOT WARS in Penyolongan Cheater.



1. Download Adobe flash player 11 and install.
2. Download BOT v 1416 or BOT v 1422.
3. After, Click Open -> Browse -> Search Where is his place SWF -> Open -> Click OK.

4. then, If There Social Wars Screen Display and click the "  ~  " on your keyboard (without the exclamation 

5. And Will There's Menu Menu As below.

6. later, the Facebook ID Input Wanted cheat at the top.

7. If been entered, click "Load FBID PROD" the Color Blue Color Colorful Menu section.

8. and then Will Loading the Game.

9. When Loading Done, and It Appears Game / Menu As under this.
10. Please Press More Button " ~ " in the key "Esc" on the keyboard (without the exclamation mark).
11C. lose All Notice of Existing Social Game Wars, So Can Be Normal / Ordinary.
12. Next, click More Buttons "~" in the key "Esc" on the keyboard. So that comes Menu Color Colorful 
13. Please You Cheat Enjoy it. please Try it all on the menu.
14. To Cheat Cash. Click the "Give Cash" will Increase 20 Cash. Make It Continuously.
15. Click on save status, the green.
16. and enjoy this cheat, happy cheating ^_^

1. Go to facebook
2 than press CTRL+U

NB: forbidden to peddle copies of this cheat

Thanks TO: FHO ^_^

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